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Wide range of services for processing and analysis of data
Wide range of services for processing and analysis of data
Our solutions are an orchestrated combination of database, web applications, mobile apps, services, API’s, integrations that provides a platform to the users to analyze continuously generated industrial data and turn it into actionable reports, thereby enhancing business productivity.

Web Applications

We help develop complex web applications that deliver rich user experiences, integrate with backend systems. Our web applications use a range of front-end and back-end technologies. These include JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, as well as server-side technologies such as .Net, Java, Node.js, and Python.
Our solutions leverage upon a range of technologies, to build web applications that
  • flexible and performant, supporting a wide range of use cases, variety of data and requirements.
  • support custom workflows, leveraging our expertise in various programming languages, frameworks, and database technologies.

MATLAB (Web and Desktop)

Customized MATLAB-based solutions using advanced mathematical modeling, data analysis, and algorithm development.
Our applications use MATLAB's powerful numerical computing capabilities to develop solutions that enable organizations to analyze and visualize complex data sets, and develop advanced algorithms.
We also offer a range of MATLAB-related services, including optimization, simulation, and modeling.
Our MATLAB solutions can be integrated with other software systems, enabling organizations to leverage the power of MATLAB in existing workflows.

Windows Services

Custom Windows Service development for reliable, high-performance background processing and synchronization of tasks that can be integrated with other software systems and technologies.
Windows Services are a key component of our solutions. We use Microsoft's .NET framework to develop services that are optimized for performance, scalability, and maintainability.
Our Windows Services run in the background, providing automated processing for a range of tasks, from data processing and analysis to file system management, database synchronization and automatic report generation.
These are designed to handle a range of data sources, including real-time data feeds, databases, and web services.
These have the ability to integrate with other software systems and technologies, such as web services, messaging systems, and databases. We also have experience in developing services that can run on multiple platforms, including Windows Server and cloud.


Custom, scalable, and secure APIs that enable real-time data exchange, processing, and analysis, allowing organizations to share data and functionality across different platforms, applications, and devices.
Custom APIs are another important component of our solutions that provide the ability to seamlessly connect and integrate with other systems and services. We understand that APIs are a crucial component of modern software development, enabling organizations to share data and functionality across different platforms, applications, and devices.

Mobile (iOS, Android, Hybrid)

Multi-platform mobile applications, leveraging cross-platform development tools, integrating with backend systems and services using scalable and secure APIs, different databases, and cloud services.
We create engaging mobile applications that offer a seamless user experience and integrate with backend systems. We develop both hybrid and native apps.
The ability of applications that integrate with backend systems and services is an important aspect. This allows users to access and interact with data from different sources, enabling rich and engaging mobile experiences. This requires expertise in building scalable and secure APIs, as well as in integrating with different databases and cloud services. By leveraging cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure, software we build and deploy highly scalable and secure backend systems for their mobile applications.
APP DISTRIBUTION: App Stores and Internal Mechanisms
To streamline the distribution process, we offer a range of enterprise distribution solutions, including mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) solutions.
These solutions enable organizations to deploy, manage, and secure their mobile apps across their entire workforce, regardless of location or device. Our solutions also include robust security mechanisms to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.
In addition, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for our mobile apps, ensuring that they remain up-to-date and fully functional with evolving mobile operating systems and the variety of devices.

Enterprise Integrations

Integrations with other systems like CRM, Salesforce, messaging, security systems and Microsoft Office Applications
We understand that modern businesses rely on multiple systems to share data and manage their operations and gain a competitive advantage, and we aim to simplify and streamline the integration process.
We use a range of integration technologies and frameworks, such as REST APIs, SOAP APIs, and webhooks, to create seamless connections between different systems.
Our integration solutions enable organizations to access and use data from different sources, increasing the efficiency of data access, and minimizing the risk of errors.
Our applications integrate with other third-party systems, such as proposal management and RFP applications, logistics providers, and marketing automation platforms.
We also have experience in integrating with Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. This allows data input, reporting, and email automation directly from within the Office application to streamline workflows, reduce errors, and save time for users.
Embedded applications in Excel files enable users to further analyze data and send it back to the backend systems for processing.
Our integration solutions are customizable and scalable with options for configuration and customization of integration parameters, integration scheduling, and logging and monitoring.
Data Analytics and ML solutions
Custom Data Analytics and ML solutions that extract insights from large datasets.
Our domain-specific data analytics solutions help our clients identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in their data, providing insights for decision making. Our machine learning solutions can help our clients build predictive models that can be used to forecast future trends and make informed decisions.
In addition, our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with other applications enabling organizations to leverage the power of data analytics in their existing workflows.
We have experience in developing APIs and integrations that can connect to different data sources and platforms, allowing our clients to easily access and analyze their data in real-time.
Text Analytics and NLP/ML solutions
Exploiting your company's treasure trove of reports, papers, and other forms of text, collectively called ‘unstructured data’, has traditionally been limited to the limited search capabilities of document management applications.
Fusing automated knowledge extraction technologies with human expertise to provide tailored, deployable, and customizable solutions for insight-driven businesses.
We specialize in developing domain-specific text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) solutions that enable organizations to extract valuable insights from unstructured text data. With the exponential growth of data, organizations are seeking new ways to extract knowledge from vast amounts of text data, and our text analytics and NLP solutions provide an effective solution.
We have expertise in developing solutions for various industries, including energy, finance, and e-commerce, that can analyze large volumes of unstructured text data and extract valuable insights for decision-making. Our solutions use advanced NLP techniques, such as sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and topic modeling, to extract meaningful information from text data.
Our text analytics and NLP solutions integrate seamlessly with other applications and systems, such as CRM, Salesforce, and office applications, providing organizations with a comprehensive view of their data. Our solutions can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients, with options for data visualization, data filtering, and data export.
Overall, our text analytics and NLP solutions enable organizations to gain valuable insights from unstructured text data, improving operational efficiency, accelerating innovation, and driving business growth.

Object Oriented Calculation Engines

We build object-oriented calculation engines to process large volumes of industrial data, incorporating business rules and algorithms. These integrate with existing infrastructure.
We use object-oriented programming principles to design and implement calculations engines that can be easily extended and maintained over time. By encapsulating complex calculations and business rules in reusable objects, we can reduce development time and ensure the reliability and accuracy of data processing.
We also have expertise in integrating our calculations engines with other software systems, allowing our clients to benefit from the power of our engines without having to change their existing infrastructure.
Advantage, industrial applications can be very complex with many interdependencies and mathematical equations. Our object-oriented approach and model correlate with real objects and has numerous advantages:
  • Effective bridge between domain experts and developers, enabling both sides to understand and collaborate better
  • Modularity for adding new calculations, workflows and accommodating a larger variety of data
  • More reliable targeted fine tuning and any parallel processing needs
  • Integrating with any external models, including data science and mathematical models in Excel, MATLAB or Python

Software Product Engineering or Enhancements

Redevelop a product/proprietary software application to address emerging business challenges and increase their capabilities.

Application Management and Modernization

Applications need to be adapted to newer tools, technologies and hardware for better user experience and usability. We dissect the applications and do partial or full upgrade or do it in phases.
We provide end-to-end services that help organizations to optimize and modernize their legacy applications, improve their performance, and enhance their functionality to meet their evolving business needs. We offer a range of services, including application migration, reengineering, modernization, cloud adoption strategy, and ongoing maintenance and support.


Increasing cloud adoption is paving way for application transformation that leverages the advantages of the new ecosystem. We help our clients in evolving a cloud strategy and moving applications to the cloud.
We are aware that the nature of applications we do require a phased approach that can retain the existing application infrastructure with a mix of public, private and hybrid cloud, a strategy that works the best while aligning with the existing operations, business challenges and make way for future transformations. We collaborate closely with the stakeholders to meticulously work out a plan and approach for data transformation and migration, application migration and modernization, user adaptability, and security integration.
Product - Technical Support Service (TSS)
TSS increases the effectiveness of your technical service staff by eliminating time consuming operating data analysis tasks to allow them to focus on providing refining customers high value services.
A leading Web Portal for the oil refining industry for over 20 years featuring an active Q&A forum with more than 6000 questions and answers on refining operations. The Q&A features Sia, a virtual advisor powered by the text analytics and natural language (NLP) capabilities of our AstronAI platform.

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